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Global Health Passport is a paper booklet series, which is roughly the size of a U.S. passport.  Our product is easy to use, whereby you simply check off the appropriate yes and no responses to the medical and dental-related questions provided for you.  Each individual response in English or in Spanish is paired off with a corresponding foreign language translation.  For example, if you are an English speaker, and you are planning to travel to Japan, you would purchase the English/Japanese booklet.  The booklets can be offered as a pairing of English or Spanish and any foreign language, such as French, Vietnamese, and Hindi depending on your needs.

You simply fill out your responses to all of the questions in the Past Medical History section, as well as the sections relating to your pertinent current medical and dental symptoms by simply placing a check mark.  You would then present the filled out Global Health Passport booklet to the appropriate health care personnel abroad, particularly if you encounter a medical or a dental issue during your travels.  In this way you can quickly convey potentially life saving medical information to medical personnel abroad in their native language. In addition, the booklets have a section relating to allergies, so if you have a gluten/wheat allergy, for example, you would check that response in the allergy section and show the Global Health Passport to the waiter, thereby alerting him or her of your gluten allergy when you order your meal at a foreign restaurant. Also, there are sections for your current medications, and past surgeries which would be invaluable information to convey.  The Global Health Passport can be used in conjunction with travel insurance services and foreign hospital translating services, as well as tour operators abroad.


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ALLERGIES (アレルギー):


Yes □ No □
はい □ いいえ □ 
□ Gluten/Wheat □ グルテン/小麦
□ Peanuts □ ピーナッツ
□ Cow’s Milk □ 牛乳
□ Eggs □ 卵
□ Shrimp/Shellfish □ エビ/甲殻類
□ Fish □ 魚
□ Tree Nuts (Walnuts, Cashews) □ 木の実(クルミ、カシュー)
□ Soy □ 大豆
□ Other □ その他


Yes □ No □
If yes, which medications?: ________________________________
薬剤: はい □ いいえ □「はい」と答えた場合、どの薬剤ですか?: _____________________________

Are you allergic to penicillin?:

Yes □ No □
はい □ いいえ □

Are you allergic to other antibiotic(s)?:

Yes □ No □
Which one(s): ___________________________________________
はい □ いいえ □
抗生物質名(複数可)を挙げてください: _______________________________________________

Are you allergic to bee stings or other insect bites?:

Yes □ No □
ありますか?: はい □ いいえ □